Artificial Satellites in Earth Orbit

Artificial Satellites

There are more than 500,000 trackable objects in Earth orbit. Since 1957, when mankind developed the ability to loft artificial satellites, we have been launching thousands of useful satellites along with their associated spent rocket stages.  Most of the low altitude artificial satellites below 400 miles and their spent rocket stages reenter the atmosphere and… Continue Reading Artificial Satellites

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Astronomers View the Universe through Spectra Colored Glass

The top 10 elements in abundance in the Universe are: Hydrogen, Helium, Oxygen, Neon, Nitrogen, Carbon, Silicon, Magnesium, Iron and Sulfur.  The most abundant compound in the Universe is H20 Water.  Hydroxyl OH is also highly abundant.  Oxides of the top ten elements also have high abundance. When illuminated by Ultra Violet light, all elements… Continue Reading Astronomers View the Universe through Spectra Colored Glass

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Motions in Space

How fast are things moving in space? A seemingly innocuous question until you delve deep into what is actually happening around us.  As I sit in Hawaii at 19 degrees North latitude in my comfortable desk chair, I am whizzing around the center of the Earth at about 1,100 miles per hour as the Earth… Continue Reading Motions in Space

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The Magellanic Clouds are not in Orbit about the Milky Way

The Magellanic Clouds have been often described as satellite galaxies of the Milky Way in modern times. The large is about 160,000 light years away and spans about 14,000 light years in diameter.  The Small is about 200,000 light years away and spans about 7,000 light years.  Both have the characteristics of dwarf barred spiral… Continue Reading The Magellanic Clouds are not in Orbit about the Milky Way

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Measuring the Universe

Astronomy – Empiricism versus Rationalism

Philosophers have battled forever on the different approaches to finding truth.  To begin, we must define the two opposing views. Empiricism The Senses determine truth.  Reality and truth can only be determined via measurement with physical tools and our senses.  Many seemingly logical things are subject to unseen and unsuspected influences and only by actual… Continue Reading Astronomy – Empiricism versus Rationalism

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