Star Gaze Hawaii Video Preview

Star Gaze Hawaii Video Preview.

We have produced a 4-minute video showing how and what we do at Star Gaze Hawaii stargazing sessions.  The link is in the sidebar of our website listed as “Watch the full Preview here”.  You may click on this link: View Full Preview here.

Stargazing with a Difference.

We stargaze from sea level at resorts along the Kohala coast.  We concentrate on viewing the sky and educate our guests about Stars, Star Clusters, Nebulae and Galaxies in a warm comfortable environment.  We have been doing this since 1992 and have refined our program to produce an enjoyable and educational experience.

We are Stargazers First and not a Mauna Kea Tour Company.

In the first place we bring our telescopes to the Resorts and concentrate on looking through them at fantastic Starscapes.  We use premium eyepieces and well tested methods to produce excellent views of deep space objects.  Our views of planets and the Moon are incredible and produce comments of having a life experience viewing the Universe.  We strive to educate our audience with lectures during stargazing about the physics of the object viewed and how astronomers measured the distances and other physical attributes.  We show actual images taken with our equipment on iPads as we view the same object.  This is far more effective than just verbally describing what should be seen in the telescope.  Star Gaze Hawaii is your best choice for an experience in Astronomy in Hawaii.

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