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Star Gaze Hawaii offers 2-hour astrophotography sessions featuring a Vaonis Stellina Robotic camera. The session’s goal is hands-on, acquiring pictures of many deep space objects.

The Stellina is an 80 ED F/5 400mm refractor with a Sony CMOS sensor. Artificial Intelligence software will post-process the images in real-time as you watch on an iPad.

You will control the telescope and camera exposures. The images obtained will be sent to your email, airdropped, or SMS to your cellphone.


  • 2-hour astrophotography session
  • You control the telescope and exposures
  • You keep the images
  • Vaonis Stellina Robotic
  • 80 ED F/5 400mm refractor with a Sony CMOS sensor
  • Artificial Intelligence post-process images

Deep space objects are dim and require long exposures. We can most likely obtain just a handful of objects in two hours.

Please get in touch with me if you want to book this, and I will send you a link to book and pay for it online.

Note: The Moon will prevent astrophotography of deep space objects – schedule for dates with minimal moonlight.

Vaonis Stellina Robotic camera


We bring a full working observatory worth of equipment

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Astro-photography sessions are provided on an individual basis.

Location: Westin Hapuna Beach Resort

Cost: $400.00 + 4.712% Tax = $418.85 (Credit Card or cash)