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A Closer Look

Welcome fellow imager or curious hobbyist! Let me expand on what we offer to you for an astrophotography session.

  • I am using a finely tuned Losmandy G-11 with Gemini 2 drive system. This allows fully hands off operation once the session begins.
  • TheSky 6 Professional is used to drive and point the telescope.
  • The guide camera is the Fishcamp Starfish. PHD Guiding is used to control the Starfish.
  • Images Plus 5.75 is used for camera control.
  • Images are shot RAW+JPG using a Hutech Modified Canon EOS 60D.

I bring a Windows 8.1 notebook computer to run all the software and control the two cameras and telescope. Due to the 3-hour limit, I suggest we image bright objects to minimize exposure times. Also, the objects should be fairly high in altitude above the horizon for best results. I can work with you to select objects in advance of the session.

Below to the left is an image of me and the Astro Tech AT6RC with a TeleVue 102 mounted side by side as a guide scope doing some personal work at the Mauna Kea VIS. The AT6RC provides a large field of view (55.9 x 37.3 arc-minutes) and is sharp edge to edge.

Below to the right is the Astro-Physics 5” F/8 Triplet Apochromatic refractor with the Tele Vue 102 as a guide scope. Both setups have produced many excellent images. Both telescopes have stepper motor focusers. All of my equipment runs from 12 volts DC. No 120 AC power required. I can transport this anywhere along the Kohala Coast. The Mauna Kea Visitor Center does not allow commercial activity there, so I cannot offer that as an option.

wayne-at-mauna-kea Tele-Vue-102

If you want to image the Andromeda Galaxy, I have an Orion 80 ED scope that has produced adequate field of view. My favorite optical tube for imaging is my Astro-Physics 5” f/8 Triplet Apochromatic refractor. Planets are done via Video, which the Canon 60D can shoot adequately. The RAW+JPG can be burned to DVD for you to have. I can process the images into finished images and put that in JPG format on USB Stick for you to show. Experienced or novice imagers are invited to book a session and capture the Universe digitally.

Apochromatic-refractor Canon-60D

The guide camera is the Fishcamp Starfish. I use an X-Y adjuster to help to center guide stars. The guide scope has a stepper motor focuser. The main imager is a Hutech Modified Canon EOS 60D with enhanced Hydrogen Alpha band pass filter. Daylight cameras cut off this important wavelength and they will require longer exposures for star birth nebulae. This camera does not cut off Hydrogen Alpha wavelengths and records star birth nebulae very fast.

The Software loaded in the notebook computer utilizes the live view capabilities of this camera. That facilitates rapid focusing and image composition. Astro Photography is shooting very dim and far off objects that require long exposures. Galaxies, stars, and nebulae that are dim amorphous smudges when viewed through an eyepiece become bright and well defined in photographs.

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