Indulge your imagination and stand in wonder during an intimate stargazing experience, brought to your doorstep. See the cosmos up close and personal while learning star lore and science from a talented astronomer.

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Best of Hawaii 2020 - Best Stargazing Experience

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Stargazing from Sea Level

Shh…it’s a secret! The island’s best stargazing is actually at sea level with finely-tuned telescopes and highly-trained astronomers. That’s right! You’ll get better views with us near the beach than with a tour on Mauna Kea.

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Westin Hapuna Beach Resort
62-100 Kauna’oa Drive
Waimea, HI 96743

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Stargazing without Limits

We bring an observatory to you, right on the coastline, for a comfortable, accessible experience fun for everyone. No long, bumpy drive up the mountain, no high altitude or oxygen issues, no freezing cold, no long lines, and plenty of parking. Put on your shorts and aloha shirt, grab your whole family and enjoy the stars.

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We Telescopes

The right telescopes make all the difference in the world–or universe, as it were. Our telescopes are well-calibrated and maintained with loving care. We encourage our guests to focus the telescope to match their own eyesight.

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We Bring the Universe to You

Stir your imagination, explore mysteries, and learn about the stars at a fraction of the cost of a summit tour.


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Have you ever wanted to capture amazing pictures of the stars? Join us for an Astrophotography session to learn what it takes and how to improve. We’ll take several photos during the session for you to take home.

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Hawaii's Guiding Star

Polynesian seafaring is legendary for featuring Neolithic navigation methods based on the stars, ocean currents, and prevailing winds.

A common voyage was the 2,600 mile trek from Tahiti to Hawaii. The star Sirius marks the latitude of and was the guiding star for Tahiti. Arcturus is the latitude marker and guide star for Hawaii.

Navigators would sail until they were under the path of the destination’s guiding luminary then look for signs of land. Bear in mind that Polynesians had no written language and no drawn maps. Navigation was done by memory and mental models of the stars handed down over the ages. Out in the vast Pacific Ocean, only the stars are reliable guide posts for way-finding.

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