Are there Extraterrestrial Aliens at KIC 8462852?

Kepler Space Telescope announced anomalous light curves from Star KIC 8462852.

Located 1,480 light years away, at magnitude 11.7, in Cygnus between the stars Deneb and Delta Cygni was observed to have an unusual light curve that could be explained by a group of planet sized objects flying in tight formation as they orbit the star.  This has been theorized to be the remnants of a collision of two planets or a huge uneven cloud of debris or asteroid belt orbiting the star.  Speculation also has proposed that this could be a Dyson Swarm of solar collectors for a space faring extraterrestrial civilization.

Further studies

Done by NASA’s Wide Field Infrared Survey Explorer satellite has ruled out a circumstellar dust ring or comet’s falling from an Oort cloud around the star.  The Nordic Optical Telescope in Spain has done spectral studies and ruled out planet collision debris or an asteroid belt.  To test the hypothesis of intelligent life constructing major Dyson structures to collect energy from the parent star, the SETI institute has begun listening to the system for radio signals.

Freeman Dyson’s Extraterrestrial Solar Power Structures

In 1960, he theorized that advanced extraterrestrial civilizations with space faring technology could construct huge solar collectors in the space near their planet to beam back energy and advance beyond the natural resources of the planet.  Highly advanced cultures could have enormous energy consumption that could not be met by the resources of a single planet.  Dyson structures can increase the energy supply and support the needs of an advanced extraterrestrial civilization.  The optical signatures of these Dyson structures could be detected as unusual blocking of the starlight emitted into space atypical of a planet or asteroid belt.  Further study is required to resolve this fascinating mystery.

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