Destination Management Info Sheet


Star Gaze Hawaii has been utilized by Destination Management Companies since 1992.  We have worked with many Hawaii based and mainland based DMCs over the years.  We have a special pricing structure designed to provide solid value for your event.  Rather than a per person price, we offer a per telescope price for a set number of hours.  About the same way a band is priced.  Please contact me for our DMC price list.

We provide telescopes with Astronomers for your dinner under the stars type of event. We have performed for all of the major corporate events in the Waikoloa Coast Resort area. Our client list includes IBM, Oracle, SAP, Ford, Toyota, and many more since 1992.  We have provided up to 18 telescopes of various types at once for a huge event.  For many events we bring one telescope per 50 to 75 people in the group.  In a dinner under the stars event, this ratio works well.

We provide a single sheet star chart/ observing list calculated at one per couple attending.  The list is customized for the date and time of your event.  We can send you a sample copy of the star chart/observing list in advance on request.  The Astronomer will show an object through the telescope and explain what is being viewed.  Guests may request to view an object off our provided star chart/observing list.  Please plan a location at your venue for the telescopes away from lights, trees and torches.

Add stargazing as an activity at your event for your stellar customers. 

We are in demand for most of the sales incentive trips for major corporations.  Reach for the Stars is literally what we do.